The Adventurous Guild Campaign

I will use these Pages as a means to inform you about some general rules and requests

  1. Do not ask if you can roll for something. Tell me instead what you want to do – I decide if I want you to roll – we might discuss the details
  2. You might say something stupid but if you roll then it is done
  3. No back pedaling – if me asking you if you are sure isn’t indication enough that you are in for a funny flight then you not only have a ticket but are also already boarded.
  4. Experience Points are gained by the played hour and via DM fiat
  5. Nothing is against you, everything is for itself. – I will help you enter this world, but if you don’t play by it’s rules it is gonna hurt you.
  6. We are Friends – Everything that happens in the Game, stays in the Game. Even if the other player pissed on your favorite in game rug.

Generally we will use “Rule of Cool” and change the World as we see fit. Please provide me with Feedback as soon as possible – if you do not have fun – even if it seems all the others have some – tell me about it. Often its just simple things I have to change to make everything fun for everyone.

And the most important rule of them all: